Vision Padel Racket - Power Frame

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Available on the 12-10-2018

Vision Padel racket - Power frame

The Vision - Power Frame padel racket is designed for players looking to add some firepower to their attacking game.  
We have created a unique lay-up of multidirectional carbon fibre sheets to create the optimal balance between stiffness and ball control.

Thanks to the teardrop shape the center of gravity is closer to the top edge of the bat offering higher swing speeds.

- Twin-Tube Carbon Frame – A 100% carbon frame which determines the base stiffness and shape of the racket.
- Medium Density EVA foam 15kg/m3 – EVA is the top-end industry standard for the best padel rackets on the market.
- Face Material – Carbon/Glass Fibre Hybrid lay-up
- 3D surface – A completely ribbed surface offers extra spin in all game situations.

- Frame: Teardrop shape power frame
- Frame material: 100% Glass Fibre
- Core material: High Density EVA foam 15kg/m3
- Weight: 350-370g
- Thickness: 38mm
- Player level: Beginning – Advanced Players
- Recommendation: High power racket, for offensive players