5 Series - Razzle Dazzle Dark Grey

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The 5 Series is inspired by a line of World War II camouflage ships called RazzleDazzle, the idea was to literally astound and confuse the enemy on the battlefield.
We have taken the essence of the Razzle Dazzle ships and applied the principles of Osaka to create this exquisite stick.  We hope it will astound your opponents as well, with its high quality metallic paint and incredibly detailed finishing.

The 5 Series proudly represent everything Osaka stands for: Premium quality materials, Japanese styling and excellent design
Both 5 Series sticks are built mainly with a minimum of 19 layers of 3K Japanese Carbon Fibre, laid down in alternating orientations for the optimal balance of stiffness and unique Osaka feel. This combination also allows for a unique HYPERLIGHT stickweight.

The Osaka Show Bow is our next innovation with regards to ground-breaking stick shapes, we have taken the profile of our fantastic Pro Bow shape and combined it with the late bow design of the legendary low bow. <br>The maximum bow point lies at 200mm from the cross with a max height of 24mm.  This makes for a cutting edge stick shape ideal for lightning fast dribbling skills without compromising on drag-flicking accuracy and power.

SPECSAvailable in Super light or lightShowBow24mm bow height200mm max bow position
HANDLE30mm thickOsaka Pro Touch GREY (perforated)1,5mm VibraStop foam layer
HEAD45° angle115mm length 25mm thick Kevlar reinforcement  
CONSTRUCTION 90% carbon 5% Fibre Glass2% Kevlar Cross reinforcement3% Aramid Backhand Blade reinforcement

More information about specifications of the sticks you can find in our stick guide
Usage Outdoor
Bow Type Show Bow 24mm
Weight Class WG00HL
Composition 90% Carbon